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Support for Iranian Products: Requirements, Obstacles and Approaches

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Publish Date : 2018 May 14 18:20
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Author : Dr. Alireza Rahimi
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Support for Iranian Products: Requirements,...
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Support for Iranian Products: Requirements, Obstacles and Approaches


Dr. Alireza Rahimi


The support of the Iranian products finds its own required meaning in case that the aim of such an approach would be producing quality goods that are competitive with similar foreign products and consolidating the consistency trends.


In addition to trying to advance the dimensions of the non-use of foreign goods, the role of other actors - in particular the government and private sector active in the field of production - should also be taken into consideration. Moreover, correcting the wrong trends leading to the improper situation in the field of domestic production should be addressed.


When support for enterprises is carried out in wrong ways and outside of economic logic; this type of support leads to the elimination of healthy competition and the creation of dominant monopolies on the people’s consumption.


By disrupting the country's relations with the outside world, foreign trade, which is one of the main tools in supporting domestic goods, is damaged in many ways.

Despite the adoption of numerous development programs in the country, these programs suffer from the lack of a precise strategy, and on this basis, the role of country's economy in adopting strategic orientations is unclear.


The consumption culture and its coincidence with the adoption of incorrect production policies and their integration with the lack of educational methods have paved the way for the tendency towards the use of foreign goods, luxuries and the growth of indifference towards Iranian products.


In such a situation; the ministry of foreign affairs should take a more active role in support of the economy and our embassies and consulates abroad should take firm steps in recognizing and introducing foreign markets. An institutional and governmental support of the Iranian private sector in competing with their counterparts who are supported by their own governments in every respect; will be an important step forward in introducing Iranian products to the regional markets.


Economic transparency is the first step towards the production of quality and competitive products and any strategy that does not pay attention to this reality would be unsuccessful.


“ Support for Iranian Products: Requirements, Obstacles and Approaches ”